1.  Some still wish to burn to disk-

        Some editing programs allow to burn directly to disk from the timeline.  Others may require to use a third party program to author a disk.

         If you need or wish to use an authoring DVD program, then you should output to MPEG2 with the specs specified for DVD creation in the Export section of your editing software.

2.  If you wish to see it on a computer, you may elect to output to a file format your player likes--If you started with a HD file and if a Mac, output to a QuickTime (.mov).  If PC, you may elect MPEG2 - you may specify the resolution to either SD or HD.

​3.  If burning to a BluRay, typically the file format would be H264- However, you will find it may take a very long time to encode- If you program is under aprox. 20 minutes, you may use MPEG2 wish is much faster, and will yield better results!- Why not always use MPEG2?- because the files take up much more space for equal playing time, thereby limiting how much HD video you may fit onto a BR disk.

4.  If you plan on uploading to the internet- Youtube, Viemo, etc, then I would suggest using an aggressive coding scheme like H264 or other MP4 codes, like .wmv (Windows Media Video).

          At this point all you have to do is share the link to the site!

5.  Last, but not least, is actually sending an individual your project- again, using the same coding as outlined in 4, but using a cloud system like Drop Box that your recipient can download from.  Very large files you may wish to use a dedicated service that offers handling the largest of files (like U-Send-It).

OK- You shot your footage, got it edited, happy with the project- now what do I do?



                         -Ed Deet

You will have to output the project, but so many options to output- How do I know what to do?

      There are a few questions you must ask-