1. If using a phone- TURN IT HORiZONTALLY!

     2. Do not shoot into the light- keep at your back if possible.

     ​3. Bring the camera (or phone) down to eye-level of your subject.

     4. Keep your shot as steady as possible!- this is a must!

                 Tripod's always a great idea when possible!

     5. Don't "stalk" your subject- allow them to move out of frame-

              Then re-establish the next cut-in shot.

     6. Learn and follow the basics of the "Rule of Thirds".

              (Won't get into it here-Many articles on this).

     7.  Pay extra attention to audio- bad audio can ruin a great shoot.

             Use an external or shot-gun mic if further than 5' from 

​              your subject.

How to Shoot


                         -Ed Deet

Follow these few steps and you will up your game!