Who can use it?

A photo presentation may be used for business or for personal. As example, presentations can be made for weddings [Sample photo presentation], birthdays, and product releases, or for any other occasion (graduation) where you want to say something effectively.

On a personal note:

Ever wonder what to get mom and dad, or anyone else that is special?

A spice rack, a new tie or sweater, perfume, etc----- nothing seems really personal- simply a product purchased off the shelf- not very impressive, no matter what the cost.

This is where the adage "it’s not what it costs, but the thought that counts" really means something.

Other effective Photo Presentations:

You can create a great video testimonial for that co-worker that is retiring or a presentation to your graduation class.

What do we need from you?

What we need from you is pictures, numbered on the back (use soft pencil, if photos are slick, you can place a piece of magic tape on back side as a writing surface—DON’T USE MARKERS!, any titles you want printed on a card or paper (indicate by number where you would want the titles placed), and tell us what style music you would like--we do the rest.

There are a few guidelines we like to suggest to assure the project fulfills its intended goal:

Title in the beginning- should reflect the intention of the video---- that is, if it’s for Mom and Dad’s Wedding Anniversary, that is what it should read.

The music should reflect the mood of the video- nostalgic, happy, spiritual, etc.
The title at the end should be the personal signage of intent—such as Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad, with love, John and Sue. VideoView will do the necessary graphics to complete the project in the professional manner.

How much does it cost?

Our packages start at $199.95 + tax which includes the following:

The first 50 photos (or slides), music, 2-title pages, your project on 2 DVD's and 2 gift cases with full color art on the DVD's and the front of the gift cases-We can even include one of your photos at no additional charge!

Note: Additional photos at $1.75 ea., additional titles at $4 ea. We incorporate pans and scans

into the projects at no additional charge.


We offer special Photoshop touchups, composites, airbrushing that can be applied to your photos!


Can photos and slides be used in the same presentation?

Not only can you mix the two, but digital photos, video and film segments may also be used (call us for details (518) 235-8616

Every Picture is scanned in HQ, we utilize a dedicated scanner for your slides!

Feel free to contact us if you wish to add such segments for exact pricing of your project. 


Can you give me examples of how I should lay out my pictures?

There are several ways that work just fine, here are just a few examples--

Lets say you wish to do a presentation to your parents on their 50th Anniversary, and there were 3 children:

Example 1

Opening Title--- (To Mom and Dad on their 50th Anniversary)

Photos in chronological order

Closing Title--- (Happy 50th Mom and Dad-we love you, John, Sue and Joe)

Example 2

Opening Title--- (To Mom and Dad on their 50th Anniversary)

Second Title --- (First they Met)

Photos of Mom and Dad courting/ wedding

Third Title -- (first came Sue)

Family photos from when Sue was born up to the next sibling

Fourth Title--- (then came John)

Family photos from when John was born up to the next sibling

Fifth Title--- (then came Joe)

Family photos from when Joe was born

Sixth Title--- (Family and Friends)

Photos of outings, picnics, parties, holidays, etc.

Seventh Title--- (Happy 50th Mom and Dad—we love you, list children)

Picture of the family with overlay of title—fade to black

This is just a couple of examples of the layout -- you can create your own.

Example 3  (my favorite)

    Create groups-  eg:

       "Early Years"




       "Family Fun"

                etc.--- this method removes the need of chronological order and adds more interest!

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