We can convert from 8mm, super8mm, 8mm sound, and16mm silent or sound to DVD or Tape. 

In an expanding business for over 35 years, A VideoView Production has always been on the cutting edge of technology, continuously striving for the highest quality for our clients.

What makes our transfers better?

We take steps to insure

your transfers will give you hours

of viewing pleasure by :

Using cutting-edge 2K frame by frame capture!

   This insures capturing the finest detail of your films!

Transfers with no damage to your film!

   No heat, no advance claw, no gate to hurt your films!

Then we  edit your footage

    (taking out the unwatchable, add cross dissolves, 

correct speed errors, Stabilize and add titles and music)

  NOTE-- See the video to the right to understand how our special stabilization

​               process will vastly improve your viewing experience!


Our transfer system, the 2K RetroScan Universal was designed specifically at the request of the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood.

Dealing with vintage film, they required a system with no sprockets, no claw and no image area contact.

After working with the Universal, here is what the Academy had to say:

 "We're very happy with the Universal Film scanner.... it transports our often fragile archival film gently, with zero contact.  We love the unit."

What about titles and music?

Our music, which is included in the project cost, comes from our extensive library of royalty free music.

We include two computer constructed titles.   All you need to do is print what you would like to see on a piece of paper and we will do the rest.  A title page may consist of up to eight lines, and we suggest that it is less than twenty characters across.

What if we need our film edited?

We will convert your film to a DVD- you select the sections and order, we do the rest!

OR-- simply come in and tell us what you want- we can edit for you directly- we utilize all real time editing!

Please refer to the other section, "Specific Editing" for further details.

What makes our transfers different?

  1.  Frame by Frame scanning

  2.  All footage is transferred into one of our specially designed computer systems

  3.  We offer a full restoration service

  4.  We offer a free service to our clients to come in after their film is in our computer should they wish a specific order

  5.  You get TWO sets of your project regardless of the number of DVD's used for your project.

   6. No additional charge for additional DVD's used to complete your project, no charge for music. full color artwork

   7. Personalized service

   8. Over 35 years of experience! (see the section "In The News")


How much does it cost?*

All our 8mm/ Super8/ 16mm-Silent and Sound transfers begin with a starting package of just $199.95 which includes:

-400 feet of film

-Film Cleaning to remove years of grime, also gives the film a "lively" look (like a wet surface)

-Full Motion Menu system for easy navigation

-Restoration of film

-Speed Correction
-2 Title Pages,
-Elementary Editing
Custom artwork full color into the surface of the DVDs
-2x DVD sets of your project
-Custom Gift Boxes

What is restoration?

    Restoration involves several processes- first we stabilize taken footage (helps remove most of the shake from the person taking the movie, we enhance/correct color and brightness/contrast, then we remove most of the film grain.  The results are astounding.


Additional footage just 27 cents per foot for 8mm and 32 cents per foot for 16mm, which includes additional elementary editing, music and any additional DVD's necessary..

Restoration fee is 9 cents per foot

* Prices do not include shipping costs

VideoView Productions

Here is a completed film-

   Stabilized, restored,

with added music and opening.

Our Special Stabilization Process Split-Screen


 Film Transfers

See for yourself the difference!

Film Transfer &  restoration

We offer restoration of your film for a very small fee (9 cents per foot)