Most editing programs allow almost unlimited flexibility- all you need to add is imagination!

No better way to demonstrate than by example!

This is where the magic really happens!

Editing allows us to alter space and time for your viewer.  

  It can transport the viewer- you control the mood, the anticipation and experience for your audience.

   The tools are easily available with most editing programs- just know where they are and add your imagination using a few good rules of editing-- and have fun!

Editing Your Videos

This is what is shot- pretty straight forward- 


This now tells a story- 

    It indicates to show how to up your production value.

    The "film lead-in" sets up your audience to see a "film reel".

    Changed the visual of the shot to mimick film- 

          1- alter the speed

          2- sepia

          3- film characteristics- scratches, grain, jitter, darkened                   borders, soft edging.

          4- add music and mix with existing sound to transport                       your audience to a different time experiencing a                         "newsreel" of years gone by!

           5-You may wish to add titling and narration to further                       add to the experience!  



                         -Ed Deet